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Invitation to the 15th NZ Open Tournament

To be held on January 29 & 30, 2011 

All welcome. 

Triples and Ladies’ Doubles Teams

Cash prizes of at least 80% of entry fees

This tournament is growing every year so get your entries in early! 63 teams participated in the 2010 Tournament – 43 triples & 20 ladies’ doubles teams entered from NZ, Australasia & the Pacific Islands & included players from Europe. 

We can promise you great competition and a lot of fun.


(Actual number of entries this year: 24 triples & 14 ladies’ doubles)


Entries must be received by 6pm on Friday 28 January 2011

No late entries will be accepted,  In fact they did accept entries on the first day of play.

(It always amazes me how they can bend the rules when it suits), (Rita)


Entry fees NZ$ Triples $105.00 per team Ladies’ Doubles$70.00 per team.

Registration 8.00am for  8.30am Start both days 


Start on the first day was 9 am!

I made sure I got there in time (7.45am), for that I had to get up at 6.30am, (Rita)


At Herne Bay Pétanque Club Salisbury Reserve, Herne Bay, Auckland, NZ

Friday 28 January – terrains available for practice all day


TOURNAMENT FORMAT: Day 1, All Teams play 6 games (Timed) from a random draw. (5 games would have been sufficient, (Rita)

This format did not sit well with me, one and a half hours were allowed for each game, and this meant 9 hours of play if they were all on time.  All of the teams had to wait until the last game was finished before the next round could commence.  By 12pm we had only played 2 games!!!  The days play finished at around 6 or 7 pm.  Luckily next day the games were not timed and seemed far more relaxing and enjoyable then the first day of play.  (Rita).



Christine (white top) & Ann (red Top)


We had mixed results for the few members of our Cockle Bay Petanque Club who took part in the biggest event on the Auckland Region Petanque calendar.

Ann (Cockle Bay) & Christine (Northcote) were the winners of the Ladies’ Doubles Bowl.   Rita & Jenny (Cockle Bay ) were eliminated after the second round of day 2 competition.

Rita & Jenny made a good start on day one, they had one spectacular win on the first day at their first game.

Their very first opponents were Joanne Lippard  & Sharon Cannon.

After a deluge of rain overnight from cyclone Wilma the terrain worked in the Cockle Bay’s team favour and the terrains were still wet when play began,  Joanne & Sharon played well but the wet conditions made their shots miss its target,  the terrain conditions suited Rita & Jenny’s play which resulted in a 13-11 win for the Cockle Bay team, unfortunately it was their only win of the whole tournament!!


Official Results


Ladies’ Doubles 


1st Place 

Helene Arai/Rita U (Tahiti) 

Runners Up 

Tumata Pere/Mariane Wong (Tahiti)

3rd Equal 

Mireta Abe/Rosette Uva (Tahiti)

Sharon Cannon/Joanne Lippard (NZ)


1st Place 

Maurea Ellis/Elvina Harehoe (Tahiti) 

Runners Up 

Annette Forrest/Jo Ann Ingram (NZ)

3rd Equal 

Margaret Maher/Jean Parley (NZ), Claire Bradburn/Barbara Nicholls (NZ)


1st Place 

Ann Leighton/Christine Moller 

Runners Up 

Anne Clayworth/Myrinne Gilbert (NZ)


Brigette Tauru/Angele Teiho (Tahiti)

Bowl Consolation 

1st Place 

Lucienne Hou Yi/Philo Teraihoarii (Tahiti)  

Runners Up 

Adie Betts/Chrissy Hyland (NZ)


Rita de Beer/Jenny de Jong (NZ)





The results of the Auckland Regional Singles Tournament held at Cockle Bay Sunday 3rd October 2010

 Auckland Petanque Association Incorporated
 Auckland Regional Singles Championship 2010/2011 
(Names in bold lettering members of Cockle Bay club)
 Trophy  1st  Georgio Vakauta   2nd  Andre Noel   3rd= Ian Baker and Dez Grant
5th= Christian Fouquet, Jean Pascal Cuer, Clive Bartleet and Chris Beams  


Plate  1st   Alan Heron    2nd  Junior Purcell
3rd= Charles Brock and Max Davis  
5th= Margaret Penny, Barry Hickman, Ann Leighton and Gordon Penny


Bowl  1st   Charlie Leighton   2nd  Frank Pinder
3rd= Ray Pierce and Kevin Davis
5th= Paul Bickelman, David Lippard (Snr), Margaret Maher and Cliff Owler


Bowl Consolation 
1st   Francoise Case  2nd  Eileen Lippard
3rd= Ruby Vakauta, Jenny de Jong, Joan Williams and Jim Wills

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