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PNZ Blog Comments


This morning it felt I was in China when I discovered that PNZ had removed a post and left nothing in its place. Later in the morning we had an announcement from David and Murray stating that we must stay on topic - no explanation was given. It should be clear from reading this page who went off topic. Our CEO makes a very personal attack on a NZ Petanque member in a most cowardly fashion.


Our CEO, after an exchange with members on the PNZ Blog says “I will now return to my "neither confirm nor deny policy.” and signs off with: 
“Sayonara” I think this is a reference to some kind of war movie. This all sounds like a form of Bushism


In the same comment he also says “There are too many precious people in this world, who seem to be able to hand it out when they feel like it, but can't take a little bit of borax when it is poked at them”. It seems our CEO has conveniently forgotten this PAGE.


After seeing our COE in action on the PNZ Blog and elsewhere, I firmly believe we are not well served with this man, and it calls into question the way we select our CEOs. Two years ago I proposed a new system. -Tom.


Here are the comments that disaperd with the removal of the posting from the PNZ Blog.



11:40 AM


anonymous said...

Good luck to all players that have put their names forward. I want to clear something up. From here i agree totally with what david and the regional coaches are trying to implement, it will in the long run improve this great game. I just dont agree with the ability to join a club, never turn up to it, and be able to have a go at playing for your country. You have to do the hard yards first.




11:41 AM


petanque new zealand said...

Congratulations from CEO

I have just seen the list of the players who have registered for the new Representative and Coaching Structure.


This list of over 40 players includes most of our the top players in New Zealand and shows me that our players have thought about the systems we are trying to put in place, like what they see, and are supportive of the efforts of the people who have tried to put together a fair, equitable and transparent system.


I fully support this system and will put all of my energies into making it work. You will note that my name appears as one of the registered players – not because I believe that I am good enough (yet!) to qualify for national representative honours, but because I want to demonstrate my commitment to the processes involved in achieving national representation in the future.


No system is perfect from the start, and we will have some teething problems. I am convinced however that this is the right way to go to bring our sport into line with many others in New Zealand. With goodwill, and much effort on behalf of the players, the coaches, and the executive of our sport we will develop a system for the future.


Some names are noticeable by their absence from this list. I would hope that as time goes on, and as the system is shown to be working as a means of coaching right down to club level, and selection for regional and national representation, these few absentee players will reconsider their decision not to register, and join the rest of us in striving for national representation.

Bryan Wells



9:32 PM

ricardo said...

Good luck to all the aspiring participants looking to wear the black shirt representing NZ in the coming year, good on you!

That Brian Wells is keen shows great spirit however it also shows just how easy it is to get into the selection process to represent NZ, it's the same regionally, put your name down, spend a day showing your stuff and you are very close to that prized jersey, is that why the Auckland regional Team is more about who is not there than is who is there. Call me old fashioned possum, but what happened to tapping someone on the shoulder because their results speak volumes not because they applied to be considered and signed up with a small cheque, that seems more like a transaction than a selection pathway. Sound cynical? or resonates truth? what do you think.


Richard Swaney also known as Ricardo- see you on the piste


11:30 AM


bryan wells said...

Hey Richard,

I can get as close to that prized jersey as I like, but I won't put it on until I can prove myself through the regional/national and squad processes. At all of these levels I will be measured against the performance of my peers on the piste, at tournaments and at camps.


Let us walk before you ask us to run with a shoulder tapping system which depends on the mana and experience of the selectors and coaches. We may indeed get to that stage but it would only be a Prima Donna who wanted to be selected on past performances only, and was not prepared to be matched against his/her peers on a continuing measurement basis.

I may not make it to national representation this time around, but at least I am in the system, battling away every day, and not waiting for that elusive shoulder tap


Bryan Wells


12:47 PM


anonymous said...

Ricardo you are so right. that is all i have asked for but i am a trouble maker and dont give anything a chance. Bryan says it is a system tested against pairs. I cant agree. What makes those people my pairs the fact that they paid $50. year right. sorry georgio if i use your name but i am dam sure $50 doesn't make me your pair.


But hay got to give something a chance.


Lets see how it runs.




3:52 PM


bryan wells said...

Oh dear Myles!!

The word I used was PEERS not PAIRS!! The word "peer" is defined as: "A person who is an equal in social standing" - hence the phrase "to be tried by one's peers" As far as I am concerned, you are my peer under this definition - and so is Georgio!! It has nothing to do with how well we all play our sport.


By the way a "dam" is a female parent of a horse, but you damned nearly got it right.


nzpc editor (tom) said...

I am appalled at the way you as CEO behave on this PNZ blog. We all know that Myles from time to time has some difficulty with spelling (many people do). I am not the best speller myself, but to poke fun at Myles in public is just despicable and incredibly stupid of you.


May I point out to you that many great people including Albert Einstein suffered from dyslexia. My playing partner Roger Ball who has traveled the world as a renowned New Zealand scientist struggled his whole life with dyslexia.


Your comment with your nasty and sarcastic remarks about Myles’s spelling is more than dirty. It is insensitive and downright stupid.


bryan wells said.


It was not his misspelling that I was getting at - it was his misunderstanding of the word "peer". He understood it to mean "more than an equal", and I was merely pointing out that it meant "an equal".

In any case I am sure that Myles can look after himself.

Please don't bring your vitriol onto this site or I will cease to contribute.


nzpc editor (tom) said...

“peer (as in "person") n. : a person who is of equal standing with another in a group”


The word “group” is the important feature in this variation. This variation does not mention social peers - “social peers” is normally associated with income and or disposable income, etc. It talks instead about a “group”, a group of scientist, chess players or petanque players - you can see where I am heading with this.


And how does your explanation of the word “ban” fit in with all this? “horses” and “female parents”? I just don’t get it. How can you possibly explain this one?


Myles does not misunderstand the word “peer” - your words. I am not “looking after Myles”. I am speaking out against an injustice. Don’t ridicule others if you are not able to construct an argument.



Are you on the wacky backy or something stronger? Read Myles' posting, slowly and carefully again. The word in his posting is "dam" - not "ban" as you have stated.

As for the rest of it, you can play around with words to your hearts content, I don't have the amount of liesure time you obviously have for this sort of thing. My advice to you is - get a life, and stop cluttering up a Blog dedicated to a specific subject with this sort of rubbish. Keep that for your own blog. -Bryan


Blogger NZPC Editor (Tom) said...


Thanks Bryan. That confirms it.


9:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


As president of the PNZ I think most members would expect a little more of you.

Your posts to Myles and Tom are just not acceptable, they show you as a person who likes to ridicule and belittle others.


How about an apology ?




bryan said...

I will now return to my "neither confirm nor deny" policy. There are too many precious people in this world, who seem to be able to hand it out when they feel like it, but can't take a little bit of borax when it is poked at them.



Anonymous said...


Good morning all.


As bryan points out i am big enough to look after myself. i would like to remind you all that it is not a crime to speak your mind. But i personnaly have never made a point of a personal attack. Bryan I would like to inform you that i was diagnosed with mild dyslixia so i might get it wrong sometimes. But Bryan, i unlike you are used to a democratic real world

not the military which for it to operate has to be autocratic. I dont need an apology. I am stronger than that.


See you all on the piste. or is that the piss whoops that's my dyslixia again.






Confirm nor deny policy is that what we really need from a CEO.


Crickey my point may have been lost in a bunch of off the topic stuff. Bryan you still do not seem to get my point.

Our boule and attitude do our real talking in the competitions held for the key tournaments every year regionally and nationally (forget the spelling issues).

Surely the person charged with the responsibility for coaching and selecting, David and Murray should own the responsibility of the position they have taken up and select the group they want to compete for the honour of representing our sport in internationals, not open this process to applying with a cheque to get into this group.

This is not selecting, it is transacting. It's great Bryan that you are keen, it's not great that you can apply - you should be selected for the promise you are showing in the tournaments we already have in our tournament calender. Give those charged with the roles the authority to select their squads, the current process is PC inclusive bullshit.

Here's hoping the cream rises to the top and the skill sets of the participants will be tested on at least international quality terrains to ensure the best skill sets make it.

One other point, if you are opening a portal to communicate, let it be open and not closed down if you don't like where the conversation goes, or give us all a set of guidelines to keep on track.

Like a lot of minority sports we get passionate and precious, it's not your sport we all own it.

Shoot your boule!



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