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Letters from Jacques Cochonnet (2)


15/08/10 There are unconfirmed reports that Cosh has passed away.

20/03/06 I received a hand written letter and photo a couple of weeks ago from our old friend Jacques Cochonnet asking if he can get a letter published from time to time "sur votre fantastique Wiki ".


Some of you may remember Jacques from earlier days - a rather witty writer on things Petanque. I have set up this special page for him here.

All his letters will be accessible from this page. -Tom.

PS. Notice the hand painted initials JC.











Eux-sur-Marquer Provence FRANCE Office of the New Zealand Representative.
19/10/06 Mes Amis,
It has been a while since I wrote to you last…mais me voici encore.


This morning I had a letter from Coch, that grand old man of pétanque.


Coch is Life President of the Société Internationale des Pratiquants de Petanquisme et Jeux Alliés (SIPPJA). In 1995 Coch and his wife Fanny retired to their beloved Eux-sur-Marquer in Provence and opened the now famous school that bears his name. In 1997 he was made Patron of the WPA when the inter-club trophy was named after him.

He was so pleased to hear that le conseil d’administration de petanque in New Zealand is always looking to the safety of its players but wonders with the new dress rules if they understand the real dangers of the game.


With the closeness of the pistes on NZ terraines and the popularity of the plombée, he suggests they should consider helmets and also when a shooter is playing, leg guards like your cricketers wear, goggles would also help on windy days when there is a real danger of permanent blindness from une poussiére blowing into the eye from the piste. Of course, he writes, many terraines have been sprayed for weeds etc and used by dogs and wild animals for all sorts of unpleasant purposes and this could be easily inhaled, so masks would also be a good thing and it goes without saying, disposable gloves. Elasticised wrist, elbow, neck and shoulder supports would help avoid strain and RSI and for measuring, kneepads and flashing hazard lights would be essential.

Finally, considering the vagaries of New Zealand weather and to ensure players may be safely seen, a high-visibility reflective waterproof overall clearly marked with the players name so that in the unlikely event of an accident or a natural disaster, their score may be correctly recorded.


As for banning open-toed shoes, les sandales and les tongs and doing it only in PNZ competitions, he feels that a player at that level should know better than to drop a boule on his foot.




Eh bien, c’est tout. Oh, one last thing…Coch and I were surprised to learn that 21st October is the start of National Pétanque Week! So go out there and spread the word about this wonderful game, the PNZ will be right behind you as soon as they have finished polishing their jacquesboots.


A la prochaine,

See also Australian petanque players banned from wearing high heels


Didier Galimatias


("Jacques Cochonnet" "Didier Galimatias" "L'Ecole Supérieure Internationale Boulytechnique " are copyright and may not be used without permission).


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-Tom (site administrator)

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Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 3:05 pm on May 17, 2006

Jacques looks like he is a man who if he is not playing or writing about Petanque, he is force-feeding geese for his Foie gras production.

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