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Cleaning roster:

The bowling club has a roster and we are on it for the following dates

(all Mondays):

9.00am 30/07: Tom

Arrived this morning to find everything locked and a note: "Petanque. There is a funeral today so don't worry about cleaning." Would have been nice if they had phoned our club. -Tom.


9.00am 27/08: Tom


9.00am 05/11: Tom


That is as far as they have gone at the moment.

Project name


Click "Edit page" to edit this list.


  • Contact all schools (Jim)


  • Get boule sets from clubrooms (William)


  • Score sheets (Rob)


  • Volunteers how many (Bill to phone around)


When adding, put a star "*" and space " " before items.

Use hyphens "-" to cross items out

This is a ToDo list we could use at any time we think this could be useful. -Tom.

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