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Wiki Etiquette, and particularly etiquette for this NZ Petanque Wiki, do not really have a canon. This is an online Petanque community and a shared endeavor. Please feel free to add stuff you think is missing.

Ethical Principles

NZPW Ethical Principles: Act in the Best Interest of Everyone. Be Honest with Everyone. Put your Name under Anything you Write. Do No Harm and If Possible Provide Benefits. Act with Integrity. Avoid Conflicts of Interest. Respect Privacy, Confidentiality, and Anonymity.



  • Login with our password plus your name and email address.
  • Be nice - don't be rude or offensive.
  • If you publish a proposal or comment for our Discussion Document page, make sure your name is on it (sign off).
  • Write in a way that is easy to understand and avoid local slang or phrases. Some of those who will read your text may not have English as their first language.
  • Don't delete other people's contributions (unless you know what you are doing, plus you must explain what and why).
  • Contribute only original stuff. Links are fine, but don't cut-and-paste from copyrighted things.
  • Correcting typos is quite okay - in fact, it's a very good habit, since it makes our Wiki more readable.


About comments /contributions

  • Please put your name with comments or contributions.
  • Think before you comment. Our Petanque Wiki is not a high-speed conversation board. It's not a news server either. What you say will stay here forever (yeah, we do take backups) for everyone to see and comment.



No big deal. Unless otherwise stated, take any image you like, just be nice and say you got it from our Wiki. Of course if you bring into our Wiki, images or text which are taken from another source, make sure you mention that source. Common courtesy rules - don't be too precious about a couple of Petanque images. You never have to ask permission to link to other websites, documents on other websites or any other web pages.


Our password

Pass on our password as much as possible. Use print and email, but do not put it on a website. Putting it on the Web is in itself not a problem, but I feel it is not necessary and also stops deranged people from editing our NZPW pages. -Tom.


Making changes to content

If you make a change that goes beyond fixing a typo or adding a coma here and there, let us know your name. In other words if you remove add or change text in such a way that it changes what was there before, just sign your work so we know who to thank. The best way to do this is to use the "Comment" facility at the bottom of any page. -Tom.


File names

I am using Windy Hills as an example as their number is "7". Make sure you use your number at the end of any new pages you create. Make sure you give any file a name that means something to you. As an example it would be much better to use aukwinners7.jpg instead of a camera generated name like IMGP477.jpg. Remember, you may have to identify your images and without a meaningful name this is going to be difficult. Make sure you do not have any spaces in your file name. You can separate a file name with an underscore if you like: my_cat.jpg. I would very much like to see people become proficient at handling text in our Wiki before moving on to images. -Tom.


Working together

Helping each other. With help I mean just a simple thing such as correcting a date, typo or misspelling of a name. Just because it was written by someone else, doesn't mean you can’t edit something. In other words, in true Wiki spirit, no one should assume ownership of content. -Tom.

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Keeping content current is the secret to success on any website. We should assume a kind of collective responsibility to make sure that things are as fresh as they can be. At the end of a tournament organised by your club, make sure you put in at least the main trophy winners, second an third place getters. This will give you breathing space for collating more detailed results, and at the same time providing important information. -Tom.

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Anyone who has come across old and outdated information on the Web knows how irritating this is. Clean up after the date of events. A good example would be a "players list" or a photo you have decided not to use. We don't want our NZ Patanque Wiki to become littered with old and forgotten players list or other old stuff. Don't be cyber-litter bug ;-) -Tom.

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Next topic

Just change the above heading "Next topic" and replace this text with your own (just make sure you leave the "!" in front of your heading as this ensures it is a heading, and will show automatically in the "table of content"). -Tom.



If you can think of something that should be on this page, please put it on!

If you put one "!" in front of your topic, your topic becomes a heading. Not only that, it automatically becomes part of the clickable links at the top of the page (table of content). -Tom.


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