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Tournament Results1

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Rotorua ANZAC Doubles - 4&5 March 2006

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With regards to the running of this tournament....

What did we do well.

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What could we have done better.

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  1. David Lippard and Dirk Winnie 13/6
  2. Charles Peni and David Peni
  3. Georgio Vavauta and Niau Ruta Christian Fouquet and Andre Noel


  1. Robert Wilson and Rex Hayes 13/7
  2. Andy and Jane Gilbert
  3. Bernadette Lawton and Susan Norman Alan and Anita Fletcher


  1. Sharon Cannon and Joanne Evans 13/9
  2. Alain Coulomb and Bill Peachey
  3. Kevin and Chris Beesley Graeme Morris and Barbara Johnston

Players List:

1. Geoff Greer and Denise Bavidge Bay View

2. Murray Porter and Roberta Campbell Bay View

3. Ken Field and Joy Field Avoca Aust

4. Ron Sandilands and Michael Rocks Akl /Wlg

5. Christian Fouquet and Andre Noel Akl

6. Andy and Jane Gilbert Rotorua

7. Ngaire and Bill Billings Napier

8. Robert Wilson and Rex Hayes Rotorua/Kapiti

9. Did not play due to illness

10. Dawn Gardener and Dave Bosley Bay View

11. Dirk Winnie and David Lippard Wlg/Akl

12. Graeme Morris and Barbara Johnston Masterton

13. Jim and Ann Shields Epsom

14. Ian Hay and Marie Fenton Napier

15. Neil and Kate Goodwin Bay of Plenty

16. Alan Kissock and Myles Batchelar Rotorua

17. Judi Sandilands and Joan Orpin Akl

18. Mike Swainson and John Emmanuel Rotorua

19. Kaye and Kath Alison Kapiti

20. Sarah-Jane Wright and Dez Grant Akl

21. Dean Norman and Andrew Joe Wlg

22. Joann Ingram and Nancy Cels Tauranga

23. Arnold Lander and Pauli Jalava Rotorua

24. Bernadette Lawton and Susan Norman Wlg/Kapiti

25. Maurice Belz abd Lee Tafford Bay View

26. Niau Ruta and Georgio Vakauta Akl

27. Bob Bridge and Vicki Traas Keri Keri

28. Joan Swainson and Rita Den Boer Rotorua

29. Alain Coulomb and Bill Peachey Akl

30. John Degueldre and Fiona Browne Napier/BOP

31. Kevin and Chris Beesley Rotorua

32. Sharon Cannon and Joanne Evans Bay View/Akl

33. Charles and David Peni Akl

34. Tony Chin Ant Yee Wlg

35. Alan Surtees and Margaret Mordecai Rot/Otaki

36. Chris and Jacqui Young Rotorua

37. Te Ani Solomon and Lisa McGowan Akl

38. Charles Brock and Clive Bartleet Akl

39. Nicola Brock and Junior Purcell Akl

40. Claire Matthews and Ann Clayworth Akl

41. Alan and Anita Fletcher Akl

42. Ian Baker and Michael Emerson Akl

43. Laurel Priestley and Margaret Maher Akl

44. Clem Boer and Zac Rees Akl

45. Charles and Jean Parley Akl

46. Grant and Jack Hackett Akl

47. Allen Ward and Alan Mcindoe Putaruru

48. Jill Kerr and Annette Forrest Tauranga


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More photos at: RotoPhoto.

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Rotorua Petanque Club Triples


Held 14 May 2006



Only five teams participated and every team played against each other.

The Winners were Mike Swainson, Pauli Jalava and John Emmanuel

Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 9:17 pm on Mar 6, 2006

Congratulations David and Dirk. The fact that Roger Ball and I did not play, does not take away any of the gloss. Well done!

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