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Tournament Results7

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March 2007 - Wellington Regional Triples


1st       E Chu, T Chin, A Yee (Windy Hills)

2nd      S Norman (Windy Hills), B Lawton, M Lacoste (Kapiti)

3rd =    S Merval, N Dykes (Windy Hills, N Jergousse (Park Ave)



2nd      N Winnie (Windy Hills), D Hay and R Priddle (Masterton)



1st       D Norman, A Joe (Windy Hills), Roger Ball (Masterton)



March 2007 - Wellington Singles Champion of Champions

1st       S Merval




Dec 2006 - Masterton Open Triples

3=     D Norman, A Joe, G Morris



Oct 2006 - WPA Regional Doubles

3 =   S Merval, N Jergousse

5 =   D Norman, A Joe and S Norman, M Fleck 


Sept 2006 - WPA Regional Singles

3 =   S Merval

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