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Photos from 2008 Trans Tasman


Sunday 14:30 The seniors have won !!!

Sunday 17:55 New Zealand has won !!!


You can now find the full results by following the link at the end of this post (thanks Mau for alerting us this this).



If you find this Slideshow too small, click on the image below to see it larger:

Trans Tasman 2008



At 11:34 AM, Anonymous said...

Go Australia.



At 9:33 PM, Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

I’m Remi from Sydney.



Thanks for the live results of the Trans-Tasman.


We forwarded the link around New South Wales State through our club newsletter. I’m pretty sure many people enjoy following the Trans-Tasman Challenge along with your blog.


Doesn’t look good for us at the moment in both categories…







At 11:35 PM, Anonymous said...

To all Aussie watchers there is only a one word response "Tui's" which all Kiwis will know to mean "Yeah Right" - GO THE KIWIS!



At 9:45 AM, SIMON said...

Hi Tom, looking back through the results in Round 4 Game 2 it says 13/12 to the Aussies, yet NZ got the 3 points, is this a mistake, or did the Aussies get disqualified for throwing underarm! :) (We'll never let that one go!)



At 10:47 AM, Glen said...

Hi Tom - Glen and Val here. Looks like a very good day for the Kiwis yesterday and a very good performance in the doubles. Have a good day today one and all. The availability of the scoring is impressive! Well done.



At 12:11 PM, Anonymous said...

Hello from Patrick in Melbourne.

Thanks Tom for let us know the score in live However ,could you the scoring card it's a bit weird.I am a bit confused.Lets go Aussies and bring back the cup at home.Seems to be difficult at the moment,but nothing done yet.Good luck to all players.




At 12:19 PM, Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,


is it possible to put the winning and losing players/teams against the different scores?


The score is gr8 but only tells half the story!







At 1:02 PM, Anonymous said...

hey,it's me again

could you say hello to " Mange Cailloux " alias Dirk,he will understand,and for the story he got this nick name at the last TT in Melbourne,which mean stone's eater.






At 1:04 PM, NZPC Editor (Tom) said...

You make a good point Mau, and I agree with you. It would however just be too much work unless names of teams and games where available well before the tournament, so it could all be set up. One other problem we have is the very narrow space on the Blog - it does not allow much room to show things. I am afraid you will have to do with half the story.



At 2:24 PM, Anonymous said...

Bummer about not being able to put the teams up, but thanks for keeping the scores going Tom.



The petanque gods must be smiling on NZ, nearly there with the score and it sounds like a beautiful day in Chch. Hawke's Bay is a tad cold and cloudy (for our Aussie cousins that means freezing..;-)).





At 3:57 PM, Anonymous said...

Thanks Mau for the weather report



Is there any chance to have an earthquake at this time of the year in XChurch. Probably the only way to save us...





At 5:52 PM, Anonymous said...

Ita missa est...


Well done kiwis.




At 6:24 PM, Anonymous said...

The full results of the TT Day 1 are on the Wellington Website.





At 11:37 PM, Anonymous said...

congatulations to the winner,and also to all participant,and organisation.

Well done guys and see you next year





At 4:03 AM, Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say "well done" to all those Kiwis - esp some seniors.


Glad to have the results before mum and dad let us know!! :-)



At 8:34 AM, NZPC Editor (Tom) said...

My compliments go to Michael Rocks for providing the full and final results on the Wellington web site at the end of day two of this event. Gone are the days we had to wait five days to see results. I have received considerable flak in the past for publicly saying that this was unacceptable and unnecessary. Thanks also to all who have come and followed the match via this blog, and for your comments. -Tom.



At 11:12 AM, Joanne said...

Congratulations to both the NZ Senior and Open TT teams on such emphatic wins.


Commiserations to Australia, but I am sure you are already planning revenge next year


Does that make it 3- 3?





At 11:06 PM, Anonymous said...

I think the first TT we won was in Masterton.it was very cold and it's the one where Aussies won all trophies at the masterton open + TT on the week end ,it was great.I guess all players will remimber this week end and the last night where everyone won .we became very good friends with all kiwis players.Petanque is good to get new friends .





At 9:50 AM, Anonymous said...

What an awesome result. Congratulations to all the players. I haven't looked at all the individual results but I woud like to make a special mention of my buddy Joan Miller who played in 10 matches, won nine, and lost the other 12-13.

The selectors cannot ask for anymore than that. Roll on the SENIOR WORLDS!!!!

Great to see the results s they came to hand, thanks Tom and I see the results are on the WPA website but not a mention at all on the PNZ website!

Graeme Burnard

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