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Putting a new image into the Top Shot page

It only takes three simple steps!

1) Make sure your image is 480 pixels wide, or less. Your image should have a max file size of between 30kb and 60kb.


If your image is wider than 480pixels, it will not fit on some monitors (computer screen). Once you have your image, save it as "topshot.jpg" without the quote marks.


2) Go to our Wiki and and click on "Files" (at the top of any page). Click on "Choose File and navigate to the image you prepared in step (1) - Things should now look like image 1. Click on "Upload".

image 1


3) Once your image has uploaded to the server (this may take a moment) you will be presented with a page that looks like image 2. Click on "Replace original".

image 2



By clicking on "Replace original" we simply replace the old file "topshot.jpg" with your new one "topshot.jpg". This means we neatly avoid adding potentially hundreds of images to our Wiki server, and turning us all into cyber-litter bugs.


If you now go to the Top Shot page you will see your image in its full glory.


You can find more tutorials by going to our Archive page. I hope you found this tutorial useful. -Tom van B.

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