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Page history last edited by Tom van Bodegraven 13 years, 6 months ago

Wellington P├ętanque Representation


We have participated in Selection Based Regional competitions for a number of seasons now and developed a criteria based selection process for the last couple of years.


The selection criteria has largely been based on seeding points gained from Regional Competitions as the starting point. Other tournament results have been taken into consideration if required.


The feedback that we have had from players has been overwhelmingly positive in regard to the selection. We believe as a selection panel that we have been fair and transparent in our selections and have gained the trust of the players who have put themselves forward.


While this process has been open and transparent, the results have not always gone our way particularly last season. As a selection panel we have looked at ourselves and our selections and reflected on what we could have done better or changed to enable the team to get the results.


The criteria based selection process is rather rudimentary. It is very transparent but it doesn't always allow us to select the best team.

As a panel we would like to move to a process that as well as recognising individual results we also recognise team dynamics and a commitment to training and practise.


To this end we would like to name a training squad, based on seeding points and players that have represented the region and have potential. If there are other players who would like to be included in the wider training squad, they can also contact Dirk for inclusion.


Players will be put into training groups based on geographical location. A training coordinator will be appointed to each group. Players will participate in regular training sessions. There will be an assessment that will be carried out by the selection panel, to ensure consistency. These results combined with regional performances and commitment to training will then enable the panel to form a smaller training group from where we will choose the Representative team.


This will dovetail well with Graeme's plan for developing coaches in our region as there will be a reason for people to develop their skills as coaches.


This system will rely on a level of subjectivity but hopefully as a panel we have shown that our selections are fair and considered. As a panel we will also develop a process whereby people who miss selection are able to contact a member of the panel and discuss what they need to work on to move towards selection.


As with all our intentions so far with players, the process will be honest.

We look forward to your consideration of this proposal.

Dirk, Graeme and Myles.



Distributed to WPA Committee Meeting: Thursday, 19 February 2009 


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