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You can see the 2009 candidates HERE


As there is only one nomination for Vice-President (Clem Boer replaces Paul O'Connor who resigned mysteriously at the PNZ Doubles) and Director Membership Services (Diane Findlay), a vote is not required for these positions.


Diane Findlay - Director Membership Services

Club: Christchurch


Candidate Statement:


I have one major talent – I organise.  


After serving on the PNZ Executive from 1999-2001 and 2008 –2009, I was elected to the PNZ Board as the Director of Membership Services for 2009-2010. Since my election, I have updated and maintained the NZ Club database, website and magazine. This is an ongoing annual task requirement. Separate databases for Umpires, Coaches and Youth (Under 23) are in the development stage as is a computerised scoring system for Tournaments. 

My objectives are to continue:


To do my best for all PNZ members fostering liaison between PNZ and clubs, informing Clubs of current and future developments through the website and PNZ magazine, to personally visit Clubs, to listen to members and bring their voices and visions to the Board


To promote and encourage the development of Senior and Youth petanque


My aim is to represent and be of value to all NZ petanque players.


Dirk Winnie - Director, Sport Development

Club: Park Avenue (Wellington) 


Candidate Statement:


I have been on the current board for 12 months. I believe in that time I have been a voice for many players. My opinions may not always have been popular but I believe in the right to freedom of speech and the principles of democracy.


If re elected you will get more of the same. I am passionate about petanque and want to be involved in developing the sport. 


Recently, along with Graeme Morris, I have run a successful Youth Training camp in Wellington. Youth Petanque is an interest area of mine and I would like the opportunity to continue to develop this area. 


The rest is up to you.


Joanne Lippard - Director Sport Development

Club – Herne Bay (Auckland)


Candidate Statement:


I have been a company director and project manager for over eight years, which provides me with the skills to put in place sustainable, affordable and viable systems and processes with the sole intention to progress the sport. 


I believe we have an imbalance of focus weighted towards competitive players and the high end of the game, and I would like to be involved in redressing this balance with more planning for the remaining 90% of our members. 


Accordingly, as part of the Board my priorities this tenure will be: 


  • Develop and articulate a clear five-year vision for the sport to all players within 3 months of appointment
  • Continue to strengthen the systems for coaching, umpiring and selection within the next five years
  • Confirm and communicate the pathway for youth development within two months of my appointment
  • Be part of a fiscally responsible Board with a view to developing more entrepreneurial ways to grow the sport and PNZ’s revenue
  • Ensure logical, informed and substantive decisions are made for the national good of the sport


Clem Boer - Vice President

Club: Herne Bay (Auckland) 


Candidate Statement: 


I have had a passion for petanque since the early 1980’s.  


I have been self-employed for most of my life, managing the running and marketing of my businesses. I am able to devote time to the role of PNZ Board member. 


I am a good listener and problem solver, willing to discuss and try and solve any issues in the best interest of Petanque New Zealand. I am committed to ensuring clear lines of communication are maintained within the PNZ. 





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