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Page history last edited by Tom van Bodegraven 12 years, 7 months ago

Bryan Wells gets the 2010 Petanque Blog Sheriff Award for this piece of nice text on our NZPC Blog: 


"Don't kid yourself Tom. The only reason I monitor this Blog in a very desultory fashion, is to ensure that the world in general does not see this Blog, and its silly content, as being in any way the face of my sport in New Zealand. You might call yourself "NZ Petanque Club" but any resemblance between the content on this Blog, and what is really happening in the sport in our country is purely an illusion.




Bryan does not look at our Blog like other people, he monitors it. Not only does he monitor the Blog, he does it in a "desultory fashion" - fantastic!


Thank you very much Tom. The award of Sheriff is much appreciated. There is only one small error. You have shown me with a popgun six shooter as my "enforcer" for this blog. My weapon of choice would be a Gatling gun. 







Comments (1)

Tom van Bodegraven said

at 11:57 am on Apr 19, 2010

Have added "Gatling gun" link for Bryan.

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